Maze Vegan Leather Handcuffs


Please be our guest for this exclusive, intimate workshop with Hara Aramaya. 

Bring more pleasure, spice, and presence into the bedroom through conscious kink. Infusing tantra and kink into a yummy vortex.

In the walls of The Monarch Temple we believe that your quality of life is highly connected to your ability to receive love and pleasure in your body. The practices presented from within the temple space is geared toward bodies that are ready to receive more pleasure, to elevate their life in multiple different ways. The magick of tantra isn’t just about the better orgasm it’s about communing with all of your true self and life force energy. When we are able to witness ourselves deeply in this way we can hold space for our significant other to step into the same resonance. We can connect deeper with each other and dance together to co-create a beautiful co-existence.

Kink is not just about spanking each other. It’s more than 50 Shades of Grey. When two people create this experience from a heart centered space, kink can bring a new element of play into the bedroom. In this space you will be given new ideas of play and how to implement elements of kink in the bedroom through impact play, breath play and sensorial play. This is utilizing what you have at home as a tool to play with your partner.

Who this class is for: couples and polyamorous lovers
Duration: 120 minutes
Price: $398 per couple | $698 for triads

No refunds will be provided. Discounts do not apply.

Taught by:
Hara Aramaya, RN
The Monarch Temple
Sacred Sexuality & Pleasure Guide
Womb Healing Space Holder

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Fantasy comes to life in the Maze Vegan Leather Handcuffs. Made for strong women, focusing on responsible materials and finding a different path to sensuality and love. These vegan leather body adornments are perfect for the woman who feels that standard jewelry doesn’t adequately express their style. Join the bracelets together with the included chain to turn them into the perfect handcuffs for bondage. Cuffs measure 16.14″ maximum and 10.63″ minimum.

Style with a set from our bondage lingerie collection

Features: detachable chain, adjustable cuffs for the perfect fit
Style #AL545

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